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The 2019 Southwest Regional
55+ Summer Games

Registration Deadline – 15 May 2018
The 2019 55+ Games Season is upon us with the Registration Deadline of 4 July is fast approaching.
The Southwest Regional Summer 55+ Games will held the 14 August 2019 across Bruce and Grey.
Below are the forms for you to download, complete and submit by 4 July 2019 to your District Repre­sentative for you to compete along with the Schedule of Events.




The senior games are geared towards adults over the age of 55. These games have been designed to attract amateur athletes to help promote an active and healthy lifestyle. The District summer Games occur annually in the 41 districts across Ontario in the even number years. The district winter games occur every two years across Ontario in the odd number years.
This year District 27 Grey Bruce 55+ Summer Games are being held in various communities during the first two weeks in June.
The events included in these games are: 5 pin bowling, snooker pool, bid euchre both 4 and 6 handed, euchre, bocce, carpet bowling, lawn bowling, contract bridge, cribbage, darts, golf, swimming, pickle ball, shuffleboard, tennis, horseshoes.
The events held in the Winter Games include, curling, hockey, alpine skiing, badminton, duplicate bridge, table tennis, speed skating, ten pin bowling and volleyball. Of course if there is not enough interest across the district some events may not occur.
Actifest and Winterfest are summer and winter provincial games. This is the name that Ontario Sports Alliance named them respectively. However in August 2011 they renamed these two events, in order to have them the same as all the other provinces in Canada. Thus Actifest and Winterfest are now no more. They will now be known as Ontario 55+ Summer Games and Ontario 55+ Winter Games. The 2012 Ontario 55+ Summer Games will be held during August in Brampton and the 55+ 2013 Winter Games will be held during February in Huntsville.
The next level of competition is the Canada 55+ Games. These are held every two years on the even numbers, where provincial winners of the last two years can compete on the national level. Each time it is held in a different province and will be held August 29 September 1, 2012 in Sidney, Nova Scotia.
More information can been found on their websites; OSGA 55+ Games and Canada 55+ Games.


The concept of the Ontario Senior Games was initiated in 1982 by the Older Adults Centres Association of Ontario (OACAO) The (then) Ministry of Tourism and Recreation agreed to provide financial assistance to help develop this program and to promote activities for seniors throughout Ontario.
In March 1984, the OACAO established an Ontario Senior Games Committee. This committee was to develop and implement a plan for Ontario Senior Games Provincial championships.
The first Ontario Senior Games Championships known as Actifest (Activity Festival) were hosted by Kitchener in 1986. The success of those games provided the framework for the establishment of the Ontario Senior Games Actifest to be held in August in the even numbered years. District games would be held every year and on the odd numbered years would compete in a regional event. Winners of the district events qualify to compete in Actifest and Winterfest events.
The Ontario Senior Games have been held in Kitchener (1986); Brampton (1988); London (1990, 2008); Hamilton (1992, 2006); Sudbury (1994); Richmond Hill (1996); Windsor (1998); Ottawa Carlton Area (2000); Kingston (2002); St. Catherines (2004); Oshawa (2010). Brampton (2012); Windsor (2014) and Midland will host the 2016 Games.
In 1986 the Ontario Senior Games continued to grow and the organization looked for more independence. In November 1996, the Ontario Senior Games Council was granted the right to separate from OACAO and in April 1997, the Ontario Senior Games Association became an incorporated body. In 1998 the Ontario Senior Games Association (OSGA) in conjunction with the Ministry of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation and the Seniors Secretariat began the groundwork for the first Winter Games for Seniors in the province of Ontario. The concept was to hold Winter Games biannually, in odd-numbered years. The events were to be active events which reflected the winter activities of the Ontarians.
Financial support for the first Ontario Seniors Winterfest came from the Seniors Secretariat. In 1999, the International Year of Older Persons made the announcement of the first-ever Winter Games for Seniors. Finalcial support for the next Winterfest was from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Recreation.
There are currently 41 Districts in the Province of Ontario participating in the Senior Games. The first place winners of the District Games qualify to compete in the newly renamed Ontario 55+ Summer Games and Ontario 55+ Winter Games.

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